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We provide quality emergency & survival products for natural disaster readiness.

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Journey inspires Ready Box founder Mike Duncan

Ready Box is founded by Mike Duncan an Otago-based scientist and outdoors enthusiast who is passionate about ensuring kiwis are prepared for the unexpected.

In 2019 Mike undertook a solo expedition traversing the length of Aotearoa through New Zealand’s back country where he raised money and awareness for three charities dear to his heart.

Over 200 days he took an unbroken route, through some of the most remote and mountainous terrain from Bluff to Cape Reinga. The charities for the 3 Reasons Why Project were the Mental Health Foundation of New Zealand, Prostate Cancer Foundation of New Zealand, and the New Zealand Spinal Trust.

“From early on, because I didn’t have life’s usual luxuries, the absolute harshness of New Zealand conditions became very clear. My pack quickly became a bag of the important ‘must haves’ with any extras removed.”

The journey inspired Mike to research what emergency kits were available to New Zealanders, and if kiwis affected by recent disasters had them in their homes.

”Food, water and shelter are the things that can be taken from us in the blink of an eye, if and when disaster strikes.”

As a geologist with experience in geotechnical investigations and mineral exploration, Mike also has a keen interest in the risks of natural disasters in New Zealand. His research revealed that many people affected by the Wellington, Christchurch and Kaikoura earthquakes, and the recent flooding events didn’t have access to emergency kits in their homes.

He encourages everyone to have an emergency plan and a survival kit on hand. “If we put off getting prepared and getting a Ready Box until we need it, it’s already too late.”

Mike identified a need for affordable, quality, and smart survival kits that cater for New Zealand households and families. From there he launched Ready Box.

“Being fully prepared and surviving an emergency or natural disaster shouldn’t be a luxury that kiwi families can’t afford. We aim to remedy this.”

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Ready Box is a New Zealand business which sources the best locally made and overseas survival products. We stand by the value and quality of our kits.

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