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In a disaster

Are You Ready?

We supply civil defence emergency kits and long shelf-life foods for emergency and natural disaster situations.
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What’s a READY BOX?

A Ready Box is a smart survival kit for an emergency.

Your Ready Box will help to sustain a household in the early days of an emergency, allowing the rescue services the vital time they need to come to you and your family’s aid. Other kits available on the market are designed only to assist individuals, in the immediate hours after a civil defence emergency.

ReadyBox Survival kit x 2 with products displayed in front of stacked boxes
Everything you need
Ready Box kits are well researched, complete and include the key items you need to get you and your family through the first days of an unforeseen emergency event.
Ready Box sources proven products from New Zealand and overseas, while making it affordable for families to have a substantial emergency kit ready for any natural disaster or survival situation.
Top quality products
Our emergency survival kits offer the best quality, affordable and practical survival products for families. (We know because we have real world experience of Aotearoa’s rugged outdoors and survival situations.)


Are You Prepared?

“New Zealand’s natural disaster risk profile has been officially elevated. In some locations, it has more than doubled. It is no longer a matter of “if?” a significant natural disaster will occur, but a matter of “when?”. With increasing risk of earthquakes and significant weather events, it is vitally important we are prepared with the right tools and equipment to keep our families and the people we care about safe, should disaster strike”

Practical Emergency Kit Products for Kiwis

Through our own real-world experience and analysis of natural disasters and New Zealand emergency events, we have researched the best, most practical and affordable products to include in an emergency kit. We also know what products are not necessary.

Ready Box founder Mike Duncan is passionate about New Zealanders and their families being prepared for all natural disaster and emergency events. This is now even more important after New Zealand’s natural disaster risk profile was elevated in 2022, he says.

We’ll get through these challenges if we prepare in the best way we can. Having a well-researched survival box with all the essentials is a great start” says Mike.

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